Simple, contactless ordering with Routegy and Square

QR sign for stadium mobile ordering

In recent months, QR-code-based menus have become nearly ubiquitous in restaurants, bars, and other establishments. We find them on storefronts, host desks, and dining tables. They range from simple sheets of paper hastily printed at home, to well designed signs that are built for the long haul. While these solutions definitely help by making certain physical interactions contactless, in many cases they feel more like a stop gap.

QR code menu on a restaurant table

# "Please scan the code to see our menu"

Most of these QR codes simply point to an existing, static menu page. Quite often, the menu page isn’t optimized for mobile or is just a PDF version of a paper menu, which leads to lots of scrolling and pinching and zooming. A subpar experience to say the least. Finally, the process of ordering and paying is still the same - it’s hardly contactless and requires human interaction.

# Let your customers order and pay, not just browse

This experience can be made better and safer, especially in places where no table service is expected: our favorite order-at-the-counter lunch spot, food truck, coffee shop, or concessions stand. Why not go the extra step and let people order and pay directly from their phones? The Routegy+Square mobile ordering touchpoint brings this experience to life, directly on people’s devices with no app required.

Routegy mobile menu Routegy mobile menu item

With Routegy, customers simply scan a QR code or tap an NFC tag to navigate a fully interactive menu in their phone’s web browser. They browse and select items for purchase, review and modify their selections, provide payment details, and order. And no finger acrobatics required as the menu is optimized for mobile devices. Finally, a fully touchless experience for simple ordering.

Routegy mobile cart Routegy mobile payment

# Plug-and-play with your existing Square infrastructure

Routegy’s ordering flow fits right into your existing Square setup. Once a customer makes an order, Routegy will use Square's Payments API to charge the customer and create an order via the Orders API. The end result is no different from entering the order manually with your existing Square POS terminal. Not using Square? No problem. Getting started is fast and doesn't require any additional hardware or subscription fee.

Square transaction cart

Getting started is easy. Once you have your Routegy and Square accounts setup, you just need to build your menu, define a Routegy touchpoint, and connect it to Square using a Routegy handler configured with your Square application ID and access token. In addition to the Square handler, you can also add our email or SMS handlers for additional customer notifications or receipts. Use it with our curbside pickup and customer check-in touchpoint for a complete customer experience and a one stop-shop for your staff.

Last Updated: 8/13/2020, 11:02:05 PM