Streamline curbside pickup with Routegy

Orenji Curbside Sign

When Washington state introduced dining-in restrictions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Katia Chan, owner of the popular restaurant Orenji in Issaquah, quickly retooled her operations for takeout only orders. To meet social distancing guidelines, and the expectations of her customers, Katia decided to exclusively offer curbside pickup. An Orenji customer would pull up, call the restaurant, and Orenji staff would deliver their order directly to their vehicle.

While phone-based curbside pickup worked, Katia and the staff at Orenji immediately encountered issues. First, customers calling from the parking lot kept the restaurant phone line busy, preventing Orenji from taking new orders. Second, using just pen and paper, Orenji staff struggled to keep track of who was waiting and for how long. Finally, matching orders to customer information collected over the phone was prone to mistakes and inefficient. “All of these small problems would compound and burden our staff, especially during the very busy dinner hours, and we knew we needed to improve the process”, Katia says.

When Katia learned about contactless curbside pickup powered by Routegy, she saw it as a potential solution to Orenji’s problems. Routegy’s approach was simple; rather than calling the restaurant or walking in, customers could scan a storefront QR sign, fill out a simple form, and staff would be immediately notified.

Getting started with Routegy was easy. After creating her first Routegy touchpoint, Katia had only one question left: how would her team be notified of customer arrivals? Routegy can send simple notifications by text, email, or Slack, as well as integrate with popular tools like Zapier and Jira. Katia decided to track waiting customers and order status with Trello due to its simplicity and ease-of-use.

Orenji’s Routegy + Trello curbside flow is simple: when a customer scans the storefront QR sign, Routegy automatically creates a new entry in Orenji's dashboard in Trello. The entry contains the customer’s information and arrival time. Once staff delivers the order, the entry is marked as complete.

Katia also added instructions and a Routegy link directly to customers' receipts. Instead of scanning the storefront QR sign, customers can simply click the link when they arrive.

"We've seen great results, my team loves it! Routegy protects my team members and guests, and best of all it increases productivity and order accuracy."

Katia Chan


Orenji began using Routegy in May, 2020 and she is already planning to use Routegy for various dining-in experiences. “I’d love to use it for our dining-in waitlist, customer requests, and even touchless menus”, says Katia, “With Routegy, we can keep our guests and staff safe while improving the experience at the same time.”

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